Therapeutic Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an ancient, natural holistic therapy.

This is an opportunity to receive a unique combination of essential and carrier oils designed to meet the needs of the particular client. It is applied in a skilled, safe and gentle way to the skin to stimulate the lymphatic drainage system and help to restore optimal natural balance within the body.

Essential oils come from plants and consist of natural but potent chemicals with therapeutic effects when used with knowledge and care. A session is deeply relaxing and a full body massage would be approx. 1 hour and twenty minutes. A full or partial massage treatment can be very successfully combined with a sound therapy of singing bowls and soma monochord. 

Christina is a member of The Allied Health Council in relation to Therapeutic Aromatherapy and has a practise number. She is also trained in the ‘M’ Technique which is a very gentle massage technique designed for the very frail and dying.