About Christina Auerbach

My focus is to use whatever modality is most appropriate to help people discover their truth and live optimal lives. I have a special interest in anything that helps to create a balance between body, mind and spirit. I have a particular love for music and sounding, teaching and philosophy and of course all the many different forms of healing. I have come to understand the term healing as a state of being that allows one to be in the world in a position of both strength and flexibility. That is, to be able to face life’s knocks with equanimity and an underlying trust that things unfold as they are meant to. The word ‘Tattwamassi’ is a Sanskrit term meaning ‘That thou art’. It reminds us that we are very much more than our senses and mind allow us to understand.

In George I have a healing practise called Tattwamassi based from home. I offer several different modalities all very complementary to each other so they can stand alone or be combined depending on the needs of the client. The main modalities I offer are BodyTalk, Sound Therapy, Therapeutic Aromatherapy, Trauma and Stress Release (TRE).  I also make skin creams made from a natural coconut and shea butter base, carrier oils and essential oils. These creams are available through me and comprise of extra rich moisturizer, light moisturizer, hand cream, after sun cream and a very effective antiseptic gel.
Qualifications are:

UK-Trained, State-Registered Nurse and Midwife
BA Degree Social Science and Administration London University UK
Therapeutic Aromatherapist Registered with Allied Health Council
Internationally Registered BodyTalk and PaRama Therapist
Reiki 111 Usui Method
Internationally Registered Reconnective Healer Levels 1, 2 and 3
TRE Practitioner Level 1
MEd Cum Laude NMMU South Africa
Distinction in Narrative Therapy pastoral counselling.
I began the journey of sound exploration about 30 years ago in the early 1990's and have now had many years experience not only teaching music and singing to children and adults but also running workshops around the country on sacred sound and chant.  I built my first monochord under the guidance of Arnold Fisher and the following year a Soma monochord with him. These have brought much joy to many people. I also work with singing bowls. a Tibetan gong, a crystal harp, hung, zephir chime and voice.

In 2017 I was awarded an MEd Cum Laude from NMMU Port Elizabeth, researching the effect of sound and music on aspects of mindfulness in primary school children and I have also tutored in practical philosophy for many years. Since moving to George, my husband and I have established a local branch of the School of Practical Philosophy in George, Western Cape South Africa. This is under the umbrella of The Cape Town School of Practical Philosophy. Since lockdown, all of these courses are now available online throughout the world.

My interests include:

Practical Philosophy: How to live a life that is centred in truth and freedom
The creative power of sound, sound therapy, chant, dance, energy medicine
QiGong and Tai Qi
Organic gardening, nutrition, and sustainable homestead farming
Spinning, mosaic-work, calligraphy, creative quilting, art, design and sacred geometry and lace-making.
Remedial education using music and movement
Making skin care products that are completely natural and so good, once used you don't want anything else.