Narrative Therapy

Through conversation and careful listening, threads of possibility, hope and renewal are woven into the tapestry of a life, creating the potential of wellbeing and freedom.

Artwork by Erika Turvey 
Erika Turvey  Art Gallery & Studio , Wilderness, Western Cape,South Africa


What is Narrative Therapy?

Narrative Therapy is a process that helps us to shape new realities and meaning to our lives.

Our stories shape and influence us. What stories do we listen to and what stories have we forgotten about? 

In the words of Aldous Huxley, Experience is not what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you.

How can Narrative Therapy help you?

The Narrative Therapy approach understands that people are not their problems, their difficulties are created by the social and personal constructions of beliefs.  Ideas and beliefs are internalized and can restrain a person to a narrow description of themselves. The perception of available choices becomes limited.

The development and drawing out of a rich, detailed and meaningful counter-story to the problem saturated story is very helpful. Language is powerful. Every time we speak and think, we bring forth a reality. As we become aware of ourselves as storytellers, we realize we can use our stories to heal and make ourselves whole.

A Narrative Therapy session involves gentle conversation, questions that can lead to different insights and possibilities and an opportunity to be really heard.

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